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Important, take 2, Dear. [07 Jan 2007|11:19pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Take 2

I have decided after working this over in my mind the past few weeks that this LJ is dead.
My wordpress is good and very helpful but I also have it mirrored onto another LJ where i've made a fresh.
The reasons for a LJ and Wordpress are hard to explain. One reason is the friends, I do not want to lose my LJ friends and that's the reason for this post.

This is a new part of my life. I realised this LJ was started as an item for Amber and is mostly stupid entries I now regret ever writing. I do not regret my past as such but I regret the silly entries I may have written.

I want to go back to the old Davie you all knew before Amber came along, like my old LJ Davie_UCF.
Erin, Izzy, Ed, Lorna, etc I miss those times and I hope you will come join me on my new LJ where my mind is more set.


Please visit the above and post in my first entry so I can add you to my new friends list.

Thank you guys

Erin, Rob and Ed.
I'm a nutter, can you delete David_VI_07 and go to the above one, take 2. Sorted at last! thanks for sticking with me here. 

4 SinnersConfess?

Fucking guitar strap buttons [07 Jan 2007|12:25am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

The thing that I referred to in my last entry,

"she phoned me and I was feeling a bit crap about something (read the next blog entry)."

Yeah, after Iona had left I was slightly motivated to play guitar, Igot it off my lovely wall mounted guitar holder and had a little play for not even a minute then I adjusted the way I had the guitar with its strap rather violently, to get the neck at more of an angle upwards then suddenly the strap button near the neck flew out.. luckly I caught the guitar before it fell to the ground!

Turns out the grooves which the strap buttons screw was screwed into the wood of the guitar had gone because I must have overtightened the screw when putting the strap button back on. So then the screw could just pull right out of the hole... this is very annoying.

Its a simple fix, stick some bits of wood (cocktail/toothpicks cut to size or a piece of dowel) into the tiny hole with wood glue, then re-screw in.

However, the guitar is still in warranty! so really I don't need to fret too much or fix it myself. I emailed the guitar tech and hopefuly i'll get a reply on Monday!
Even though its an easy fix as its in warranty it really got me down and I just put the guitar down and didn't bother rest of the evening,until later where I had a little fiddle after reading some guitar forums and such.

So yeah quite annoying but my fault really, I always manage to fuck things up!


Old entries [05 Jan 2007|06:01pm]
[ mood | impressed ]

I just added two LJ entries. One being from tomorrow which was on my main blog. Go read them on my page as I doubt they'l appear on your friends pages because they are backdated:?

You could just read
If you don't want to keep doing this, but i'll probably just post them on my LJ straight after my main blog, although a few posts I deem a bit personal and leave there...

Thanks guys.


The 2007cupboard and drawers clean. [05 Jan 2007|05:59pm]

While ago, just before Christmas I blitz my room, mainly my computer desk and the desk next to it. They hadn't been moved since we moved here and there was a collection of dust, spiders etc, and things that had fell back there and were never saved. Took me 5 hours that early morning.

Today something similar.
After having a box with my xmas pressies in (because I have nowhere to put them in this small room), I decided to sort out my little cupboard and drawers.

Get rid of things I don't need, put them into boxes and be away with them in the loft or something.

Thats what I did! I emptied it all!

Pulling out the drawers wasn't nice, seeing behind that unit through where the drawers were I could see a mass of webs, spiders, dust etc. Hoovered it all.. cleaned drawers..

I managed to sort it out and i'm proud, a 2-3 hour job,

Like last time, this came from nowhere, I wasn't told to do it or had really planned it.. I guess if i'm annoyed but not really depressed I will do that kind of thing, but one thing that is a major factor is music. Put it together and you get this result I suppose.. its a rarity mind.

Go me.


[21 Dec 2006|05:58pm]
Can someone tell me what this is about?

I created a new LJ just to try something and I can have a photogallery but on this one I can't? it asks me to pay.

What's up with this?

Ok... plus with ads right.. Oh i see.

[18 Dec 2006|08:13pm]
[ mood | cold ]

LONELYTIRED (dedicated to Dom).

New camera tommorow, Insurance.. old one broke. Just wanted to do a journal entry. I always forget about this, its annoying me insanely. :(


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